What is your refund policy?

We comply fully with Envato’s refund policy. We issue refunds for the reasons Envato permits us to give refund and we don’t issue refunds on the cases Envato does not guarantee refunds. Please check Envato’s refund policy: https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy

Can I use Teraschools on localhost or local LAN network?

Yes, you can use Teraschools on localhost installation (using XAMPP or WAMP) and access it in your local LAN (Local Area Network) from other pc in network. How to configure Teraschools for local LAN network please contact our sales team.

Can I use TeraSchools for multi school or multi branch management?

No, TeraSchools built to manage single school or single branch and does not support multi school or multi branch feature. Even you can not customize Smart School to transform it in multi school or multi branch management system because its licensing terms does not permit for this.

Can I use TeraSchools as SaaS application?

Unfortunately you can’t use TeraSchools as SaaS application. You can only bill 1 client per 1 licence. Smart School licences are single end products, For additional information for licences Please Contact us.

How to enable display error message?

By default display error messages are disabled in Teraschools that is the reason every time if there is any error occurred system is showing 500 error message. This is due to Teraschools environment is set for production . To enable display error message you should change Teraschools environment from production to development. Please don’t do